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No Other Gods



It isn’t by mistake that God begins the 10 Commandments with the command to have no other Gods before Him and to not make idols in any form of any kind.  But what is an idol?  An idol is ANYTHING the heart wanders to for comfort.  We turn to our idols when we are missing Christ in our life.  And we all struggle with idolatry!  Our idols can be bad things that need to be completely removed from our lives or even be GOOD things that we use in excess that keep our hearts from focusing on God.  Ask yourself these questions….

What vies for your attention?
What is your greatest fear?
Where do you run for comfort in troubling times?
What do you complain about the most?
What causes you to be angry with God?
What do you want more than anything else in life?
Does your idol take away your time with God?

God knows the tendencies of the human heart to wander and He wants NOTHING to compete for His spiritual attention.  The Bible tells us in 2 Kings 17:15, “They followed worthless idols and themselves became worthless.”   Do we really want to become worthless?  Do we want to be viewed as worthless in the eyes of God?  God sees past our current knowledge and desires; He knows what’s best for us.  Things that direct our hearts toward God  is where we should be putting our focus.  Idols keep our hearts from God and will never satisfy our desires.

We must cast away our idols and rely fully on God for our redemption, our salvation, and our comfort.   We must fully rely on God to satisfy our every need.  Flee from idolatry!  Flee to God!  Confess your idols and replace them with Christ.  Bad things (alcohol, pornography) need to be destroyed and removed from your life.  Good things (cell phone, clothes) need to be handed back to God and used according to His purpose.

Remember, every act we commit is redemptive when we turn to God.  Our relationship with Jesus Christ will fill EVERY need or desire we have in life.


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