Some have questioned why I choose to speak so publicly about my faith and, even more, talk publicly about such political and touchy issues. Because as Christians we are called to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) and to “proclaim the good news” (Acts 5:42).  What good is having beliefs in anything if you just keep it to yourself?  If it’s so profound and great, why would you not want to share it with others and let them in on the good news?

Imagine if every Christian stood up for Biblical truths.  Imagine if every Christian spoke of their brokenness and how their redeeming and loving Father lifted them from the pits of despair and restored their lives.  Imagine if we weren’t scared to share our sins, how we overcame them, and how our Heavenly Father has used those life stories to impact others.   Can you see how the world would be  radically changed?

This is what all Christians are called to.  We are called to share the gospel with everyone, even when we don’t think they want to hear.  Our job is to follow the commands and instructions of the Bible and let God handle the rest.  Who are we to decide who does and doesn’t get to hear of God’s word?  Our choices and our voices can be heard and lives can be changed.  But that only happens when we stand up for what is right and good.

This is my purpose.  To share with you how we all fall short of perfection but are all worthy of forgiveness and redemption.  To touch on those hot topic issues and open our Bibles and see what it tells us about them.

My prayer is that Christians learn to be bold and brave, to stand up for what is right, and to not be ashamed of their testimony.